Our Journey to a Better Life

Having either personally suffered or have had close family members that suffered through years of continued health issues of chronic pain, COPD, bronchitis, cancer, chronic inflammatory response syndrome, depression, etc; has lead us on the path of  Himalayan Salt Therapy Spa.

After years of researching how to ease our symptoms and make life more fulfilling, we  found that being in the presence of Himalayan salt would benefit the chronic pain, respiratory condition(s), depression, anxiety, along with the many other ailments from which we suffered.

Unfortunately with our salt therapy sessions also came a 2 to 3 hour round trip drive, which impeded our “relaxing” day.

After thinking of how we could plan our day to be more relaxing and more rewarding with the salt therapy sessions; my daughters and I decided that we would bring “salt therapy” to Harford County, to accommodate the residence in the area of north-western Maryland.

Over the past couple of months, we have imported over 10,000 lbs. of pink salt from the Himalayan mountains of Pakistan to help us in the building of two salt rooms.  Our large salt room will accommodate up to  10-12 individuals per session; while the smaller room will accommodate children age 13 and under.

We look forward to a healthier 2018!