Yoga Nidra Class

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This event finished on 01 May 2019

YOGA NIDRA ” SLEEP YOGA”. Enjoy the deep relaxation and meditation of Yoga Nidra with Maria.

The only things you need to bring to this class is your MIND, BODY AND SOUL!

With our hectic lives these days and not taking the proper time for ourselves to relax and get the required amount of sleep that our mind and body needs to reprogram. Without having that dowtime, it sends our mind and body into total turmoil and it makes handling everyday stressors harder and harder to handle. Which in turn allows us to experience headaches, cloudy thinking, constant body pain and inflammation, lowered immune system and much more.

With that being said, taking a weekly Yoga Nidra class will allow your mind and body to reset in the “present” time. Just imagine how you would feel taking a hour class and leaving feeling refreshed like you took a 4 hour nap!

We can offer all the information that one person would need to understand a Yoga Nidra class, but to truly understand it you MUST EXPERIENCE Yoga Nidra.