Our Policies

Spa Etiquette

All reservations for the salt rooms must be prepaid when booking. When making your reservation for your salt room experience, a credit card must be provided to reserve your chair.  in the event that you do not show for your scheduled session, your credit card will be charged a $15.00 no show fee.

Please arrive 15 min prior to your session time. Our sessions start ON-TIME and once started they cannot be interrupted. Should you arrive “late” (less than 5 minutes before your scheduled session access to the Salt Room CANNOT BE GRANTED! It is the sole discretion of Serenity Salt Spa if your missed session will be rescheduled without the late arrival fee of $20.00.

All Salt Room Sessions are NON-REFUNDABLE; you MUST either call or email us 4 hours before your pre-booked time slot to reschedule. Should you cancel/reschedule after the 4 hour time limit, we must consider your seat as reserved for your scheduled time slot and you will be charged the full session rate. If you have booked your appointment using a gift certificate/coupon/voucher etc, they will be forfeited up to the full session cost.

Once the doors to the salt room are closed for your session they are NOT to be opened for any reason other than a major emergency. Our rooms are designed to be airtight and must remain that way. So please take the time to get your self ready before you go into the salt room.

All Children/Minors must be under the direct supervision of their parent/guardian etc.   Children cannot be left unattended in the Spa while you undergoing your spa service.  If your not taking your child in the salt room with you, please do not bring them.  If you want or need to bring your child your more than welcome to join them for a salt session in the kids room for a minimal fee of $5.00.


Should we encounter severe storms, or be notified of any upcoming weather that consists of heavy winds, thunder and lightening; Serenity Salt Spa will shut down our Halogenerators for the safety of the equipment and our customers** We will make every attempt possible to contact you as soon as we can, but sometimes we are unaware how bad the storms will be.  In case of severe storms, please call the Spa to confirm your session is still on.  Should Serenity cancel your session, we will make every effort to reschedule your session as soon as possible.  (You will also be provided a discount on a future visit for your inconvenience).

When arriving at the Spa please be respectful with loud voices etc as sessions are in process.

No electronics (ie Cellphones, ipods, mp3 players etc) are permitted in the Salt Room (NO EXCEPTIONS).

No personal items such as shoes, purses, hats, etc are allowed in the salt room.

Our monthly unlimited pass is only valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. There are NO REFUNDS or extensions.

No outside beverages or food are allowed in any session rooms! NO EXCEPTIONS. They must be left outside or put in your locker.